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LinkIconPlastic Lens

プラスチックレンズ.jpgプラスチックレンズ.jpgBy Leading-edge ultraprecision machining technology, pursuing the plastic lens with nano-level.

LinkIconOptical Glass Lens

ガラスレンズ.jpgガラスレンズ.jpgThe Process equipment/Production technology we experienced in years will bring out the capability of the glass to the utmost.

LinkIconHybrid Lens

ハイブリッドレンズ.jpgハイブリッドレンズ.jpgThe Most-advanced high precision aspheric lens using advantage of Plastic molding technology.

LinkIconMechanical Parts

精密エンジニアリングプラスチック.jpg精密エンジニアリングプラスチック.jpgBased on our know-how of precision tool we developed in years, perform advanced manufacturing of mechanical parts

LinkIconOptical Assembly

光学ユニット.jpg光学ユニット.jpgOur total strength is shown in this field. Pursuing Optical performance and quality thoroughly.

LinkIconOptical Thin Coating

光学薄膜.jpg光学薄膜.jpgOur excellent vacuum evaporated coating technology ensure various requirements for various fields.


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W_World.jpg2020.04.07 UPpoint10_3.gif
<Notice of Continued Operations>
The COVID-19 situation is now global concern, the world has changed dramatically over the past weeks and months as the corona pandemic has spread across the world.
The safety of our employees and customers is of utmost importance to us. We are closely monitoring and following guidance from public health authorities in both Japan and China and we set it as our company policy.
Thanks to our employee's utmost effort and cooperation, by strictly wearing masks and washing hands, factories in China succeeded in keeping zero corona virus cases.
We know the world is facing unpredictable pandemics and so are our customers. We learn fast to overcome adversity, working closely with authorities and are pleased to continue our production to support our customer's business.
TOYOTEC is here to support you during these unprecedented times.
Our team will always consider you and your business in any circumstances.
Please feel free to ask us for any questions or concerns you may have.
Again, thank you very much for your kind consideration.

RDL_NR.JPG2020.02.05 UP
TOYOTEC to Release RDL (Real Distortion-Less) Lens Unit
Compact with Ultra-Low Distortion (Less than 2%) and a 120° Wide field of view to Accelerate the Speed of Data Processing for Monitoring Images
Samples are available Now!
Learn More

▼ 2015 News Releasa

pw.gif2015.02.06 UP
TOYOTEC to exhibit at Photonics West 2015 from Feb. 10th to 12th in San Francisco, CA, USA
Booth number: 4920 in JAPAN Pavilion
Plan to exhibit Line Generator Plastic Lens, Free Form Shape Mirror

▼ 2014 News Releasa

pw.gif2014.01.06 UP
TOYOTEC to exhibit at Photonics West 2014 from Feb. 4th to 6th in San Francisco, CA, USA
Booth number: 4917 in JAPAN Pavilion
Plan to exhibit Line Generator Plastic Lens, Free Form Shape Mirror

▼ 2013 News Releasa

pw.gif2013.01.14 UP
TOYOTEC to exhibit atPhotonics West 2013.
From Feb 5th to 7th, we plan to make the exhibition booth on Photonics West 2013 (San Francisco, California, United States).
Please kindly stop by our booth.
(Booth number: 5015 in Japan Pavilion) 

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